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Amanda Cashin

Amanda Cashin (See Posts)

I have lived in and loved Nova Scotia my entire life. I grew up in a very rural community on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore. Growing up along the coast has provided me with lessons and experiences for which I am thankful everyday. I moved to Halifax 16 years ago and while I enjoy the convenience of city life I am always happy to have time to ”get away from it all” and enjoy day trips or extended visits around this beautiful Province. I love everything about Nova Scotia from its diverse landscape to its unique culture and I have made it my mission to promote Nova Scotia to whoever will listen. I am thrilled to be able to share with folks stories of my adventures, most of which happen on a beach or a hiking trail. My posts are written to help people get to know my Province, and to help them love it as much as I do. I will occasionally take a minute to promote a local business or charity that I feel deserves praise or exposure, because I also believe strongly in supporting the Province’s local economy and quality of life. I currently enjoy working at Nova Scotia Community College and I run a small photography business, Amanda Cashin Photography, on the side.

Angela Gray

Angela Gray (See Posts)

Angela Gray is a Nova Scotia girl learning to love Manitoba. She was born and raised in a small town in the Annapolis Valley. After high school she moved to Halifax and ended up living, working, and attending university in Halifax for many years. Angela’s life changed dramatically in 2007 when she and her husband, who was also born and raised in Nova Scotia, moved to rural Manitoba without knowing anything about the prairie province. The transition from east coast to the prairies was a difficult one and she will always consider herself a Nova Scotia valley girl. Every year Angela returns home to Nova Scotia to visit family and friends, and to explore her favourite Nova Scotia attractions and communities. Although she enjoys the prairies and her new life in Manitoba, her heart will always belong on the east coast. One day she hopes to return home to Nova Scotia, build a small cottage by the ocean, and vow to never move away again.

Carla Allen

Carla Allen (See Posts)

Adventures abound in my part of the province. A day of exploring could include browsing one of many antique stores, cycling along the coastline, kayaking some of the finest rivers, lakes and bays in the province or museum hopping.

I live in Yarmouth, a small town that boasts of dozens of beautifully restored sea captain's homes. Some of these have been renovated into outstanding bed & breakfast establishments. Each has its own story and in some cases, ghosts! Our region rocks each summer with traditional festivals celebrating food, song and wacky events like crate-running, frog races, and mackerel-tossing.

I love my job as a reporter for an award-winning community newspaper. It gets me out and about the town and county, snapping photos and shooting video of all of the above and more. Some of my favorite assignments include tuna fishing, participating in a bathtub race (we won!), sailing across the Gulf of Maine in the Yarmouth Cup aboard an 80-foot ketch, and rolling about in a Sea Balloon. As you can see, water holds a strong attraction for me.

I'm a member of the Couchsurfing network, occasionally hosting fascinating travelers from around the world for free and providing them with personalized tours of the area. I'm passionate about our region and all it has to offer and feel it's important to share. I also keep a blog: Life with Yourgogirl.

Chart a course for Yarmouth and the Acadian Shores. You won't be disappointed. We have beaches and campgrounds, lighthouses and lobster boats, theatres and fine dining. Don't forget to sample the rappie pie, steamed lobster and seafood chowder!

Derek Hendsbee

Derek Hendsbee (See Posts)

Thousands pass through Guysborough County every year either going to or coming from Cape Breton. Most are probably unaware of this as they drive along the Trans Canada at Aulds Cove. Most are likely focused on another destination and are not really open to the notion of a detour.

Because much of the County is generally overlooked there is still the possibility for discovery for those who do come. You don’t have to stand in line ups or shoulder your way through crowds though you may have trouble finding where to go and what to do. I’ll be writing about this very thing. If you do decide to visit you’ll have some insider information to help you enjoy your time in Guysborough County.

I’ve been kayaking for twenty years, recreational cycling for three years after a 10 year hiatus, photographed using film, stopped, then took it up again digitally in 2005. I grew up here, studied at St. Francis Xavier University and have continued living in or near the village of Guysborough as an adult.

Devin Trefry

Devin Trefry (See Posts)

Live vicariously through 30-something family guy Devin Trefry as he shares his quirky, curious, and adventurous travel tales of Nova Scotia.

“I grew up in New Minas (a good place to live) near the Bay of Fundy, and despite many picnics and afternoons at the beach in Scots Bay and Blomidon I was oblivious to the natural wonders and the beauty that surrounded me.

I have always loved to travel and live life to the fullest and eventually realized in my early twenties that I could do both in my own backyard in Nova Scotia. My wife Sara, two kids (Jaden 9 and Lienna 7) and I now live just outside of Truro (5 minutes from the legendary Masstown Market to be exact) and are centrally located to explore and experience the extraordinary province in which we live.”

Jim followed the typical path after University at UNB - go to Ontario, get some experience in the high tech field and eventually plan to come back to the Maritimes. It only took Jim six years to make that decision but what was unexpected was choosing Nova Scotia as the place to establish his roots. Now he is making up lost time by exploring Nova Scotia via a few outdoor activities: camping, hiking, running & geocaching. With the help of his little gadgets, Jim will be exploring and discovering history, places & things in Nova Scotia.

Jody MacArthur

Jody MacArthur (See Posts)

A Cape Bretoner, Jody feels very lucky to be living and working on North America’s #1 Island. Jody is a Public Relations graduate of Mount Saint Vincent University and lived and worked for several years in Halifax before returning with her husband and children to the home of her heart, Cape Breton. The mom to two young girls, ages 7 and 10, Jody’s life is never dull!

Stay tuned as Jody shares her family adventures in and around Cape Breton Island where most of their summers are spent on and around the beautiful Bras d’Or Lakes. Camping, hiking and enjoying the good life are high on the priority list for this fun family. And a little wine along the way certainly helps!

Jody and her family are looking forward to being backyard tourists this summer as Cape Breton and its visitors celebrate Louisbourg 300, the 75th anniversary of the Gaelic College, Race the Cape, Right Some Good and more!

So follow the blog and the journey, there’s bound to many laughs along the way.

Joerg Knoerchen

Joerg Knoerchen (See Posts)

We are outdoor lovers and hobby photographers. On a two and a half week Nova Scotia vacation we roughly shoot six thousand photos. This time we will stay for four weeks and we hope that our hard drive capacity will last until the end of our vacation. We are already counting the days until our Nova Scotia dream vacation starts, this is since September 2009 when we won the iLove Nova Scotia video contest. Since 1998 Joerg has been in Nova Scotia 6 times and Nicole his wife shared the last 3 times with him. Joerg calls Nicole his Moose whisperer as the first three times he was out of luck as he wasn't approached by any Moose or Deer on his hikes.

We love Nova Scotia and doing so it is bringing us back to Canada’s Ocean Playground nearly every second year now. Our favourite travel time is September/October, when leaves are starting to change the scenic Nova Scotia landscapes into a quilt of gorgeous autumn colours - it is like hiking through hills and mountains of gold, orange, green, red and brown. Breathing fresh air and listening to the sounds of the ocean and nature makes us feel really free and lucky.

We already hiked any official trail at the Kejimkujik National Park and the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, some of the trails even more than once. This time we will add the Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct, Cape Sable Island, Brier Island, Cape Blomindon, Cape Split, Five Island, Cape George and many other places on our route through Nova Scotia. Follow us at our blog where we share some precious moments of our Nova Scotia dream vacation.

Karl Vollmer

Karl Vollmer (See Posts)

I first visited Nova Scotia in 2006, and I fell in love with it instantly. If you ask me what made me come to Nova Scotia my only response would be: everything. Shortly after moving here in 2009 on a whim I headed out to Lower Prospect to go sea kayaking and I was hooked. I don't think I've let a week go by since without being in a boat on water. Spending easily over eight hundred hours on the water last year alone I aim to explore as much of Nova Scotia's amazing coastline, pristine lakes and rugged streams as I can. This blog will follow me around the province as I sea kayak, whitewater kayak, stand up paddle board, hike, camp, snowboard, canoe my way across every inch of this beautiful province.

Kim Humes

Kim Humes (See Posts)

I am a young professional born and raised in Halifax (ok, I was actually born in BC, but moved here when I was a baby, so it doesn't count). I have always been an explorer - I need to move and discover new people, places and things in order to stay sane - and I take every chance I get to explore my beautiful home province. I can be found on hiking trails, geocaching and camping in provincial parks, taking in unique attractions, shopping for clothes and books, dancing or tapping my feet at concerts and festivals, and eating and drinking at one of the many awesome coffee shops or restaurants around the province. I document many of my adventures on my blog, Gathers No Moss. Join me as I attempt to leave my footprints across every inch of Nova Scotia, one cappuccino, legging and squirrel at a time.restaurants, and shopping that Nova Scotia has to offer.

Laura Simpson

Laura Simpson (See Posts)

I grew up in Nova Scotia attending music shows of all kinds, from ceilidhs to raves. I began photographing live shows and that lead to a career in journalism. I worked for The Chronicle Herald, CBC Radio and News 95.7 Radio, as well as freelancing for several other publications. In 2007, I returned to my original love of music and became Communications and Membership Coordinator for Music Nova Scotia. The non-profit organization helps musicians with the business side of music - everything from gigging locally to exporting their music. Music Nova Scotia's biggest event is Nova Scotia Music Week, held every November in select communities around the province. This blog will help keep you informed about music news around Nova Scotia, sourced directly from our members! For more, go to www.musicnovascotia.ca

Lauren Oostveen

Lauren Oostveen (See Posts)

"I love history! Since 2007 I've worked at the Nova Scotia Archives, one of the oldest archival institutions in Canada. Every day I get to l learn about the province's past and share those stories with people."

Lisa Kamperman

Lisa Kamperman (See Posts)

I was born and raised in Halifax County Nova Scotia, I learned to appreciate at an early age how beautiful my home province was, but not until later in life did I appreciate the true charm of rural Nova Scotia outside of Halifax County.

I attended Dalhousie University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Development Studies, with the intent to travel the world and learn about rural development. Little did I know I would work for my Provincial Government and then move away to Southern Alberta. Missing Nova Scotia, friends, family and the ocean, my boyfriend and I returned to Nova Scotia after 2 ½ years away and currently reside in the beautiful Annapolis Valley.

In January 2011 I started work with the Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve Association (www.swnovabiosphere.ca). What is a biosphere reserve you may ask?, I did. My job as a Manager was to share the stories of the Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve. Little did I know that bringing awareness to this region would open my eyes and teach me so much about Southwest Nova Scotia and the people. Now as I continue as a volunteer I still want to learn, share and experience all that I can. Please join me as I explore the Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve and my home province with a renewed sense of pride and appreciation.

Meghan Stewart

Meghan Stewart (See Posts)

I am a freelance writer, marketer and craft beer enthusiast based in Halifax. Previous jobs include promoting Nova Scotian wine while travelling the province and working for a local craft brewery. I have planted and harvested hops. Now I prefer to write about them.

Pat Sullivan

Pat Sullivan (See Posts)

Hi everyone, I am on the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency team and will be blogging as I can to show you some of the great adventures I have had and am having in Nova Scotia.

Peter Johnson & Jan Young

Peter Johnson & Jan Young (See Posts)

Lifelong friends and self proclaimed foodies – we share a passion for all things culinary – cooking, shopping, learning and most importantly – Eating! Originally from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia (born and raised) – we have taken on the challenge of cooking our way through one of Nova Scotia’s oldest and most cherished cookbooks - The Dutch Oven Cookbook, A cookbook of coveted traditional recipes from the Kitchens of Lunenburg. The Dutch Oven Cookbook contains recipes that are steeped in Nova Scotia traditions that date back over two centuries - tried and true recipes with Scottish, French and German influences - surely developed by some of Nova Scotia’s original settlers by taking advantage of the land and sea’s abundant harvests.

If you have a passion for food, history, tradition and the culinary arts in general - join us as we follow in the footsteps of some of Nova Scotia’s finest original foodies. Follow our culinary triumphs and defeats as we tackle some of Nova Scotia’s most coveted recipes – the good, the bad and the delicious!

Hi my name is Phil Neville and I work for the Council of Nova Scotia Archives. I’m very excited to share stories about some of the public archives in the province. This summer, my coworker and I are traveling around Nova Scotia making video vignettes of these archives to support the Routes to Your Roots application at NovaScotia.com. I hope you will come along with us!

Renee Lavallee

Renee Lavallee (See Posts)

"I am a professional chef in well-known Halifax restaurant. I enjoy writing about my day-to-day adventures that include my work kitchen, my home kitchen and my family."

Stephanie Viera

Stephanie Viera (See Posts)

You can take the girl out of Nova Scotia but you can’t take Nova Scotia out of the girl! Growing up in rural Nova Scotia outside the town of Antigonish, I couldn’t wait to finish high school and move away. After stints living and traveling here and there including nine years living in New England – the magnetic pull wanting to toss me back over the border to my Nova Scotia home happened in October 2012. I am thrilled to be home! I am working on rediscovering every inch of this amazing province and make it my forever home! The people, scenery, lifestyle, culture and history of Nova Scotia are embedded in my being and I am one proud “Bluenoser”!

I recently graduated with a Masters in Tourism Administration degree with a concentration in Sustainable Destination Management. My hope is that the blogs I share will not only encourage readers to visit Nova Scotia but also share my favorite experiences and maybe toss in a few fun facts along the way. Another goal of mine is for readers to think about Canada’s Ocean Playground as a perfectly painted canvas that needs to be preserved. It is also a playground for truly authentic cultural and historic experiences where visitors should veer off the beaten path. I am a fiddler and stepdancer so my Scottish heritage and the Scottish culture of Nova Scotia is near and dear to my heart and I have a deep appreciation for culture in general. I also enjoy running, cycling, hiking, traveling, shopping and spending as much quality time as possible near the Nova Scotia coastline!

Join me as we get to know the nooks and crannies of various parts of Nova Scotia, dance in a square set at a Ceilidh, take some scenic drives, try local culinary treats, enjoy the outdoor festivals, get to know some local folks and maybe learn a few words of Gaelic.

Suzy Atwood

Suzy Atwood (See Posts)

Coming from a military background, it’s a rarity that I, along with my sister and brother were all born in the same place: Shelburne, Nova Scotia. I was only two months old however when we moved to Ontario. We spent almost ten years there in a couple different places and while there I can still remember my excitement of visiting Nova Scotia and seeing the ocean for the first time. It was in my blood from that moment on and I can remember longing to see it again. To this day, sitting beside the ocean, listening to the surf, smelling the salt air and surrounded by Nova Scotia’s amazing beauty is where I am most content. I think my children can attest to my love of the ocean and most people get a laugh out of hearing their names, Noah, Ocean and Sailor. Yes…I stuck with a theme!

I truly love Shelburne County and as their new Tourism Coordinator I think I’ve got the best job in the world to be able to share my love and passion for my hometown with everyone else. You will meet a friendly face around every corner you turn here and there is always someone who is willing to help you out if needed, that says a lot about a place! There is so much history, culture and exquisite beauty here; I don’t know why anyone would ever want to leave!

Terri McCulloch

Terri McCulloch (See Posts)

So there I was on the Bay of Fundy, minding my own business, when I realized that normal people don't get to see 100 billion tonnes of seawater flowing back and forth in front of their kitchen windows every day. As someone who has grown up living in the most extreme tides on the planet, I've taken it upon myself to share my adventures living, tasting and exploring the Bay of Fundy.

Stuff I like to do? hike, take pictures, walk on the ocean floor, kayak over the same spot at high tide, garden, eat & cook local cuisine, and explore Bay of Fundy's backroads & sculpted coast in my VW bug with my dog, husband and kids (whoops, not necessarily in that order!) My happiest moments are when I'm sharing my passion for "all things Bay of Fundy" with friends, family and visitors.

Although I'm based in Parrsboro in the upper Bay of Fundy's extreme tidal zone, I travel and explore the whole bay year-round for work and play.

I'm also on Twitter @bayoffundy and I've got a fun collection of 'best of the best' Bay of Fundy videos on www.youtube.com/fundybay