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You can take the girl out of Nova Scotia but you can’t take Nova Scotia out of the girl! Growing up in rural Nova Scotia outside the town of Antigonish, I couldn’t wait to finish high school and move away. After stints living and traveling here and there including my current residency in Massachusetts – I am feeling this magnetic pull wanting to toss me back over the border to my Nova Scotia home. For now, I at least get home to Nova Scotia for 2-3 weeks every summer and try to sneak in a few other trips there each year. The people, scenery, lifestyle, culture and history of Nova Scotia are embedded in my being and I am one proud “Bluenoser”!

I recently graduated with a Masters in Tourism Administration degree with a concentration in Sustainable Destination Management. My hope is that the blogs I share will not only encourage readers to visit Nova Scotia but also share my favorite experiences and maybe toss in a few fun facts along the way. Another goal of mine is for readers to think about Canada’s Ocean Playground as a perfectly painted canvas that needs to be preserved. It is also a playground for truly authentic cultural and historic experiences where visitors should veer off the beaten path. I am a fiddler and stepdancer so my Scottish heritage and the Scottish culture of Nova Scotia is near and dear to my heart and I have a deep appreciation for culture in general. I also enjoy running, cycling, hiking, traveling, shopping and spending as much quality time as possible near the Nova Scotia coastline and beaches with family, friends and my pooch Baillie!

Join me as we get to know the nooks and crannies of various parts of Nova Scotia, dance in a square set at a Ceilidh, take some scenic drives, try local culinary treats, enjoy the outdoor festivals, get to know some local folks and maybe learn a few words of Gaelic.

A Scottish Tradition Worth Treasuring (and nibbling on)

Mon, 28 May 2012 | No Comments

We have all chuckled at the thought of what a Scotsman does (or doesn't) wear under their kilt. I also often wondered what they carry in their sporrans (the little black leather pouch worn around their waist). Well, it seems that traditional Scottish Highlanders in battle often carried a little sack of oatmeal in these little pouches. They would then mix some of the oatmeal with water and place the mixture on their shields which they used as a plate and cook the two ingredients over the campfire. The final product was known as the "Scottish Oatcake". The tradition of Scottish oatcakes has remained over the centuries and is a traditional recipe that can still be found in several rural towns and villages in Nova Scotia. A true treat worth treasuring!

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Are you a "Responsible Traveler"?

Mon, 19 Mar 2012 | 1 comment

10 tips for responsible travel in Nova Scotia or anywhere in the world for that matter! Take your vacation to a whole new level.

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