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From our community: Nova Scotia's favourite way to eat blueberries

by L-A Steeleworthy, on Thu, 25 Jul 2013 | No Comments

Cultivated blueberries are headed to stores and that means wild blueberries aren't too far behind. Blueberries are an important part of summer in Nova Scotia - the taste of a blueberry right off the bush or in your favourite dessert easily conjures up memories of summer vacations. Whether it's a grandmother's recipe or that blueberry pie purchased at a Farmer's Market you dream of, just about everyone has a favourite way to eat blueberries.

During last year's blueberry season, we asked our Facebook community for their favourite ways to eat blueberries and we definitely got a few ideas for this upcoming blueberry season. We even got a few recipes to try.


Fresh off the bush

For many of our fans, there's only one way to eat a blueberry and that's fresh. No need to cook them - just pick and eat.

"I love 'em just like they are no recipe needed. Yummy." - Robyn Israel-Fleet 

"Straight off the bush - easy to prepare and oh so fresh!" - Rob Mahy Sr.

"My favorite recipe is: Fresh, ripe Nova Scotia blueberries off the stem at field temperature!" Joanne MacDonald 

"I always enjoy mine fresh from the field with some cream and a sprinkle of sugar." - Tuesday Nickerson

"You can never have enough Nova Scotia blueberries -- the best in the world. My favourite recipe is to eat them by the handful." - Marian Dolsen St-Pierre 


Blueberry Pie

Simply put, a blueberry pie is our fans' favourite way to cook blueberries. The recipes may vary, but they love their blueberry pie.

"Pie with whipped cream." - Merv Mac 

"Blueberry Pie!!! It is the best thing ever." -  Darlene Nickerson 

"Blueberry pie with crumb topping. I also tried a blueberry pound cake recently that was out of this world!" - Susan Nickerson Smith Pictou 

"Martha's Port Hood blueberry pie. The best." - Monica Graham 

Blueberry Grunt

Second only to blueberry pie in the hearts of our fans is blueberry grunt.

"Grunt. Blueberry Grunt! " - Caroline Yull 

"Love the Blueberry Grunt from the Salt Water Café in Pictou. We have one every year, it's a family "tradition." - Diane Laflamme 

"Blueberry grunt...have your toothbrushes handy!" - Linda Dicks 

"Nova Scotia Blueberry Grunt - hands down!" - Teri Allen 


All Things Blueberry

Of course, the ways to eat a blueberry are endless. For some, it doesn't matter what the recipe, so long as there's a blueberry involved.

"Wild blueberry anything is may favourite recipe! " -  Cathie Ingram 

"Blueberry grunt, blueberry apple crumble,blueberry sauce, muffins, loaf. " -  Frances Gravel 

"Blueberries with milk and sugar; oatmeal muffins, pie, cheesecake, grunt, jam, etc, etc...." -  Melanie Stewart Kaulbeck 

"Blueberry Grunt and Blueberry coffee cake with my homemade blueberry syrup to drizzle on." - Pierre Lariviere 

"My favourite recipe is blueberry pound cake with blueberry sauce." - Valerie Clayton 

"Blueberry ice cream" -  Mandy Howard 

"Love the wild blueberry juice that comes from Nova Scotia. It's frequently served at a B&B right here in Port Colborne, Ontario." -  Judith Boroniec 

"Blueberry Cottage Pudding! It's delicious! " -  Sheri Gaetz-MacCabe 

"Blueberry shortcake." - Terry Guy Larke 

"Poutine au bleuets avec sauce à la cassonade." - Marie Géraldine LeBlanc



A few of our fans were kind enough to share their recipes with us.

"Blueberry grunt recipe:

Dumplings: 2 tbsp shortening, 2 cups flower, 4 tsp baking soda, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 cup milk. Cut shortening and flour together, add remaining ingredients and mix until combined.

Drop by spoon fulls into a steamed pot or drop directly onto blueberries. Cover and steam or boil in the stew for approximately 15 mins, check to see if the dumplings are done by openings up in the middle with a fork to make sure it's not doughy.

Use as much or as little blueberries as you want. I usually fill a pot half full of blueberries, add a little water and stew them for a while and add sugar to taste!!!"

- Hollie Bosch 


"Savoury and spicy blueberry chutney with ginger and thyme or rosemary, a touch of cinnamon and lemon zest, done with brown splenda. " - Jude Gerstein 


"I tried chocolate covered blueberries. Mix blueberries (no water on them) in a bowl of melted chocolate - about 1 cup of chocolate and 2 -3 cups of blueberries and then drop by spoonful in clusters on wax paper and chill." - Jean Nicol 


Family memories

One of the best things about blueberry season is the memories that go along with the taste of fresh Nova Scotia blueberries.

"Blueberry grunt. My nan made the best and we always looked forward to it when we visited in the summer." -  Jacqueline Wareham Szabo 

"My mom's blueberry muffins, made with blueberries from our own field. " - Mike Smith 

"My mother always made Blueberrie Grunt . No one can make it taste like she did. " -  Katherine J Lantz 

"My favorite Nova Scotia blueberry "recipe" is just eating them fresh picked in the field behind my Nana's house with my cousin Marnie when we were little." -  Christa Gero Beebe 

"Blueberry pie or muffins are the comforts of home to me." -  Three cheers to the Blueberry capital!" - Brenda Johnson-Sharpe 

We hope these favourites inspire you to find a new blueberry recipe this summer - even if you're idea of baking is a stop at the market. What's your favourite way to eat Nova Scotia blueberries?