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From our community: Nova Scotia's Favourite Beaches

by L-A Steeleworthy, on Fri, 14 Jun 2013 | No Comments

Did you know there are over 100 beaches waiting for you this summer in Nova Scotia? With so many to choose from, it's no wonder everyone in Nova Scotia seems to think their favourite beach is the best beach around.

Of course, the best way to figure out which one is the best is to start exploring them.


To help get you started on your beach road trip, we asked our Facebook community to suggest their favourites.

Definitely The Merb! --_** Shannon Gail MacLean Fielding **_


Big Island beach is the best. -- **Wendy Gratto **

Melmerby, Cape Jack, and Port Hood. -- _**Cathy MacKenzie Cooke** _

My favorite is inland though. Mush-a-Mush Park. -- Chuck McAnally

Amherst Shore, Northport, Blue Sea, Fox Harbour, Heather, Tidnish, plus lots more - especially on the Northumberland shore. I love Nova Scotia Provincial Parks. -- **Rose Boudreau **

Inverness sure....the water temps reach up to and over 20 degrees.....awwww heaven:) -- **Debbie MacPherson **

Clam Harbour Beach with their sandcastle competition is a great stop or try going to Queensland Beach with it's white sand. -- **Heather Sampson **


Rissers Beach -- Wayne Mcgill

Summerville beach. It's lovely - at least it was 50 or so years ago. Clarence Colp (Good news Clarence - it's still just as lovely!)

Martinique Beach. Loverly. Longest beach in NS!. Jennifer St. George

Martinique Beach in Petpeswick. 7 miles of wonderful beach to walk along and see sand dollars! Sandra Porter


I used to go for picnics as a child at Lawrencetown Beach. So beautiful! -- Anna Coverley

Cape Sable Island.Beaches all around the Island.The Hawk,Stoney Island,South side and another one as soon as you get off the causeway.Off the beaten track but beautiful beaches. -- Diane Scott

Point Michaud is my absolute favourite! -- Susan Gillis

Tor Bay. Eastern Shore. . . ghostly, beautiful. -- **Deborah Dempsey **

Port Maitland -- **Joyce D'Entremont **

John's Cove/False Harbour in Cape Forchu, Yarmouth County:) -- **Leone Melanson **

Of course for some fans, it doesn't matter what time of year:

There are so many, from huge popular beaches to tiny tucked away neighbourhood beaches. Visitors! Take the small highways and wind your way around the coastline. There are beaches everywhere! You can stop right beside the road and there's a beach just waiting to be explored. I love the beaches best in winter! -- **Laine Parnell **


You can find your perfect beach at NovaScotia.com.