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Jody MacArthur

A Beautiful Day at Ski Ben Eoin

by Jody MacArthur, on Mon, 25 Mar 2013 | No Comments

Winter reared its ugly head twice last week with early Spring storms that brought 40+ centimetres of snow to Cape Breton. While most of us complained about this, the latest blow from Mother Nature, ski enthusiasts rejoiced... and rushed to the hill!

Now to be honest, I'm not a big fan of cold weather so the extra layers of the white stuff was not a happy occurrence for me. But, we embraced what is left of winter and headed to Ski Ben Eoin for the day. Only 20 minutes from Sydney, we were at the hill in no time.

skibeneoin2.jpgNew to the sport, my husband and two daughters (ages 7 and 9) signed up for ski lessons. I was the official photographer since we are heading on a sunny vacation in two weeks and I didn't want to risk bodily harm. Oh, and there's that incident on this very hill when I was 14 that I am still reluctant to talk about. Let's just say I was a little overconfident in my abilities and ended up with two black eyes and a concussion. Of course now you have to wear helmets, much safer (and smarter)!
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Luckily, my skiers were paired with a very patient instructor who had the three of them heading from the bunny hill to a more advanced run in an hour and a half. I, of course, had a great time socializing in the chalet and enjoying the afternoon in the Broken Buckle, Ben Eoin's licensed pub which was hopping with excitement because of the 28th Annual Mad Tuck Downhill Race that took place earlier in the day.

Unfortunately, there is only one more week to "get your ski on" at Ben Eoin. So stop procrastinating and get out to the hill. This weekend is the annual Aloha to Summer Party/Dummy Race/Slush Bowl. You can build your own dummy and go for a ride through the 100-foot slush bowl in your summer best. Lots going on!

PS - At the end of our ski day, the kids were tired, happy and well exercised so I was a happy mother! And I came away from the experience unscathed. However, we are hoping to head to Ski Ben Eoin for round two this weekend to say goodbye to winter and I just may give skiing another try (alert the hospital).

Care to join us for a mountain of fun??

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