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Devin Trefry

a-MAZE-ing Fall Family Fun!

by Devin Trefry, on Mon, 22 Oct 2012 | No Comments


I had passed the sign for Captain Cobb's Crazy Cornundrum in Masstown many a time on my way to work, but had yet to experience this kooky-named attraction. I figured the kids would love it, and later learned that my wife and I would too.


We arrived on scene to pay our admission and discovered that a snack and a drink were included in the price (bonus!). We opted to explore a bit first.


The giant bouncy pillow looked like fun but it was occupied by a youth group who had arrived earlier by bus, so we decided to check-out the pirate ship playground first instead. There were a series of slides and of course my son Jaden went straight for the highest one.


It looked like fun, so I thought I'd give it a try too. I think I lost the first layer of skin off of my elbows trying to slow down as I shot down the pipe. That being said...I laughed the whole way!


We moved on to the zip-line and after a demo by the kids, my wife Sara decided she should get in on the action too! We then had to pry our kids away from the bouncy-house obstacle course so we could take time to enjoy our snack.


Before moving on to the pirate themed corn maze we noticed that there was a break in the action at the bouncy pillow. So the kids seized the opportunity and hopped on! I had to run something to the car for a moment and upon my return I was surprised to see Sara having as much fun bouncing as the kids. Who knew a bouncy pillow could be so liberating!


The maze was filled with a variety of neat activity stations and we had to look for letters to solve a riddle as well. I am usually pretty sure of my sense of direction and ability to follow a map - but apparently I was easily 'cornfuzed' by all the twists and turns. Let's just say that we were lucky to get out before dark.


Before heading out, the kids wanted to try the obstacle course one more time. I could see the competitive glint in Sara's eye so I challenged her to a race. We both hurled ourselves through the course like our lives depended on it and after tumbling out the other end I am still not sure we could declare a winner.


We had so much fun in Masstown that we had already started making plans to check out the nearby River Breeze Corn Maze in Truro too. Sunday's weather was looking great so we decided it was safe to announce our plans to the kids. Needless to say, they were ecstatic!


River Breeze has become legendary for its fall agri-tainment and we were anxious to experience this fantastic local attraction. The parking lot was filling up as we made our way to the entrance of the maze. The theme this year was "The Farm Scene Investigation" and we had to collect clues to solve this "who-done-it" mystery.


I thought that with our previous corn maze experience that we should have no trouble navigating through this time around, but sadly we showed little signs of improvement. After awhile we decided it would be safer to leave the investigation to more directionally-inclined families and moved on to explore the many other activities on-site.


There was a bouncy pillow, a crazy spinning vortex, playground equipment, mini mazes, paint ball target shooting, laser tag and a petting zoo. I thought Sara might sneak one of the bunnies home in her jacket - they were so cute.


There were plenty of family photo opportunities and we even enjoyed the concessions including the delicious fresh squeezed lemonade. I am still curious to know what a deep fried Oreo would taste like.


After taking the bumpy cow-train ride through the corn we managed to return in time to catch the "Pigtucky Derby." I think "Babe" was the winner of this hilarious pig race.


To top off our afternoon of family fun we took a tractor ride to the pumpkin patch. We enjoyed a number of corny jokes from our tour guide along the way and also caught a glimpse of the haunted corn maze that takes place there at night.


On River Breeze's website I read the story behind this spooky attraction and I am still asking myself...fact or fiction? I have heard that the haunted corn maze and haunted house are both awesome and incredibly terrifying. I think we'll wait a few years before taking the kids!