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Carla Allen

Walk amongst the windmills

by Carla Allen, on Sat, 21 Apr 2012 | Comments (4)

CWindmillhome.JPG Drive down the long finger of land that begins with West Pubnico and you'll see a sight that beckons you closer. Tall and elegant, 17 wind turbines twirl poetically on the very tip of Pubnico Point. Visitors looking for a unique experience are permitted to drive down the main road to walk beside and even beneath these 389-foot tall structures, except in winter if there's a danger of ice falling from the blades.

Fishing boats can be seen sailing past from this vantage point. Seagulls glide and squawk, the surf crashes along the shoreline and there's the ever present swish of the giant props above.

This is a favorite spot for me to take special visitors for something they've never encountered before. In addition to the beauty of the giant windmills, wildlife abounds. I've seen porcupines walking by the ocean, rabbits hopping along the access roads and many species of birds.

 Walk closely to a windmill while looking upwards, perpendicular to the sweeping blades. Directly beneath them you can notice the pitch change from behind to front within one stride.

You'll see the name of an important female on the base of each windmill - a mother, a sister, or a daughter, connected to the founding partners in this project. Three of the four entrepreneurs were Yarmouth County businessmen who saw the potential of the windy peninsula. They formed the Atlantic Wind Power Corp. Inc., and signed a 15-year contract with Nova Scotia Power that was worth close to $100 million at the time of construction in 2005. The wind farm is now owned by NextEra Energy Resources.

The windmills provide enough energy to power 10,000-13,000 homes. The nacelle at the top of each unit (equal in size to a greyhound bus) weighs 68 tons.

The Pubnico windfarm is one of the sites for the new Acadian Shores Interpretive Tour Geocaching Adventure.

It's also included in the West Pubnico Tern Festival, June 22-24. 


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    by catherine meyers on, April 22, 2012 10:43 AM

    Living close to the Nova Scotia New Brunswick boarderI was thrilled to see those windmills go up. It was long over due having alternative, renewable and environmentally friendly energy resources. I love the look of them and find them to be quite peaceful and awe inspiring. Great blog and thank you for your post!

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    by Karen Elfendahl-Taetz on, April 22, 2012 10:51 AM

    It´s heartbraking to see how they are destroying the beautiful Nova Scotian landscape for the sake of some large wind industry companies. One day they will regret it like we do here in Germany.

  • user-pic
    by Leo Blinn on, April 22, 2012 1:16 PM

    No beauty in this. Very unfortunate that "renewable and environmentally friendly" is used to mask the modern day carpet-baggers. Hopefully Nova Scotians will open their eyes in the near future.

  • user-pic
    by Leo Blinn on, April 22, 2012 1:22 PM


    In middle of nowhere fine...maybe. However real people real regrets