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Stephanie Viera

Are you a "Responsible Traveler"?

by Stephanie Viera, on Mon, 19 Mar 2012 | 1 comment

We are just about through another winter and spring is just around the corner!  This also means summer will be here before we know it and it is time to start thinking SUMMER VACATION!  With SO much to see and do in Nova Scotia, there is definitely no need to go anywhere else this summer or any other time of year!

As you start planning your next vacation whether it is a day trip, long weekend or one or two week hiatus, I wanted so share a list of suggestions for your itinerary that will promise a fun-filled enriching vacation experience for all!

By now you have heard the term "sustainability" being tossed in a variety of contexts.  Well, it has become a hot topic in the tourism and travel industry lately.  I am not going to jump up on a soapbox and lecture you on climate change, carbon emissions and saving the environment, I promise.  However, what you may not know is that sustainability, especially in the travel industry means much more than the environment (although this is a key factor).  It also looks at the social, cultural, historic and economic features of the towns and communities you visit.

better moose.jpgYou have the potential to play a very important role in the communities you visit.  With a bit of research and self-awareness you can expand beyond the limits of a "normal" vacation, create an experience that is fun and authentic not to mention, memorable.  Follow my tips below and you can join the growing elites; the "Responsible Traveler" (this is someone that incorporates the elements of sustainability into their vacation)!


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10 Tips for Responsible Travel in Nova Scotia:

1.  Do your research.  Take some time before your trip to learn about the people, culture and history of the places you plan to visit. This helps you view the town from a different perspective when you arrive and also demonstrates to the locals that you value and respect them and the place they call home.

2. Befriend at least one local.....which I assure you will lead to more!   Getting to know the locals is in essence the best way to experience what Nova Scotia has to offer.  You are guaranteed to hear a great story and likely learn about a favorite local stopping point or watering hole you didn't know existed.

3. Shop in locally owned stores that feature arts, crafts and local products. You are probably planning to buy souvenirs anyways so support local artisans!

4. Dine in restaurants or caf├ęs that are locally owned and use locally sourced food and wine.  Nova Scotia makes some absolutely wonderful wines!

5. Pick at least one activity that showcases the history and culture of Nova Scotia such as attending a local festival or event.

6. Visit a local or national park.

7. Respect the natural environment. This is as simple as following signage at outdoor natural attractions, staying on boardwalks at beaches and obeying trail markers on hiking trails.  They are there for a reason - to protect the fragile ecosystems around them.

8. Look for local activities that are hands-on learning experiences..... it is way more fun than being a spectator!  These can include glassblowing, historical re-enactments, square dancing at a ceilidh or volunteering at a local festival.

9. Visit at least one farmers' market or roadside stand - homemade local goodies and fresh produce make the best snacks for your drive! 

10. Come prepared to be amazed by the scenery and ready to make new friends. Come with an open mind to try new things, create new memories and most of all to have fun in Canada's Ocean Playground!

Sounds easy enough, right?   Well then - go for it! 

(Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know how it goes)


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    by Candida Brush on, March 26, 2012 10:46 PM

    This is motivation to go to NS! the travel tips are great not only for NS but for any place- great blog-and, wonderful pictures!