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Derek Hendsbee

Little Liscomb and a Little Luck

by Derek Hendsbee, on Wed, 12 Oct 2011 | 1 comment

Luck often seems to factor in when it comes to finding new places. My original motivation for going to Little Liscomb (105 kms from my home) was to explore a beach I'd noticed earlier in the summer. The day of my recent visit was a breezy warm fall afternoon with clear skies. It was perfect for being outdoors but the beach I thought would be great turned out to lack any distinguishing features. I'd been hoping for more, something special, something that stood out and caught my attention.
After following the beach for more than a kilometer I decided to return to the motorcycle to seek another location and here is where some good luck kicked in. A short distance from the bike I noticed four wheeler tracks disappearing into the woods in the opposite direction.
I followed the tracks hoping they might lead me to exposed shoreline at the edge of this small peninsula. The tracks ended after half a kilometer or so, but an easily discernible footpath continued on and eventually brought me to the edge of the ocean. Bingo!
Now I was excited, this discovery made the hour long motorcycle ride worthwhile. 
Scrambling around on the shore, however, was not easy. I progressed about 200 meters before confronting a 4 meter wall I was not comfortable trying to climb. I detoured into the woods knowing I could intersect the footpath without any problem. I found it, followed it briefly then decided I wanted to return to the water again. Ater a short downhill bushwhack I was back on the rocks well beyond the wall I chose to avoid.
A little more scrambling and I found another ATV trail that paralleled the shoreline and took me back to the motorcycle.
With the moon coming up and the sun going down I enjoyed a truly lovely display. I'd gotten off to an underwhelming start in Little Liscomb. A little luck provided me with a rewarding hike. Then, to cap it all off, I had half an hour of amazing color and variety in the sky before giving in to the necessity of riding home in the growing dark. 
Location map of hike area.


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