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Wally Hayes

Diversity of Adventure in Southwest Nova Scotia

by Wally Hayes, on Sat, 14 Aug 2010 | No Comments

Photography in a seaside marsh at Riverport on the South Shore

For anyone with a yearning for outdoor adventure, the southwestern part of Nova Scotia would have to be near the top of your wish list.

This area is bounded by two uniquely different bodies of salt water, the granite-strewn Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Bay of Fundy, home of the world's highest tides, on the other.

Sandwiched between them are wilderness acres dotted with hundreds of lakes; pristine rivers and streams and even the 150-kilometer swath of the Annapolis Valley, one of Canada's prime fruit and vegetable growing areas.

Although infinite possibilities for outdoor adventure abound, you are never far from a town or village where you can end the day with a fine meal and a variety of accommodations . . . everything from an historic country inn or B&B, to a resort, conventional motel or campground. However, it's outdoor adventure you came for so let's have a look at what awaits you in Southwest Nova Scotia.

18-Whale_Watch 18_Bluenose

 Whale watchinng off Digby Neck

Schooner Bluenose II near Lunenburg



 Motorcyclists at Annapolis Royal

 Golfing at Chester on Mahone Bay

18_Cole_Fishing 18_Scuba_Diving

 Fishing from a dock near Hubbards

Scuba diver and friend in South Shore waters

18_Keji_Canoeing 18_Pubnico_Bird_Watching

A lazy day at Kejimkujik National Park

  Bird watching at Lower West Pubnico

18_Lunenburg_Golf 18_Chester_Yachts

Golfing at Lunenburg

                   Sailing regatta on Mahone Bay

18_Port_Mouton_kayaker 18_Summerville_Cyclists

 Kayaker and friend at Port Mouton

                     Break at Summerville Beach

18_Ten_Mile_Lake 18_Western_Head_Surfing

 Dawn anglers at Ten Mile Lake

          Surfer at Western Head near Liverpool

18_Wedgeport_Tuna_2 18_Sissiboo_Kayakers

Successful Wedgeport tuna anglers

         Kayakers on the Sissiboo River near Weymouth

18_Whale_Head 18_Whale_Tail

 Humpback whale shows its head . .

 . . and tail before diving into the Bay of Fundy


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