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Lauren Oostveen

Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics Update

by Lauren Oostveen, on Wed, 14 Jul 2010 | Comments (2)

Exciting news for those trying to find their Nova Scotian roots!

NSARM has added almost 25,000 new records to NovaScotiaGenealogy.com.

These records were released in December 2009 and include births (1909), marriages (1934) and deaths (1959), plus "delayed" registrations for individuals born in 1909 but not registered at the time of birth. The delayed registrations are especially interesting--most include several pages of supporting documentation (keep scrolling down to see what I mean).
Here's the breakdown of the added records:

Births (1909): 14,387 records
Marriages (1934): 3,932 records
Deaths (1959): 6,374 records

Death record for Alexander Keith, Brewer

These specific years have records being released because of the retention schedule the Vital Statistics division developed. It states that records will be held for a set period of time before being transferred to us at the archives for permanent preservation. We receive birth records after 100 years, marriage records after 75 years, and death records after 50 years.

After we receive the records, they are digitized by a scanning technician for viewing on NovaScotiaGenealogy.com (a job that takes months). The records are also microfilmed for long-term preservation. Civil registration of vital statistics began in Nova Scotia in 1763... that's almost 200 years of records that have been digitized and made available online!
Example of delayed birth registration (for folklorist Dr. Helen Creighton)

Good luck with your search!  As always, using NovaScotiaGenealogy.com is free. We hope these added records help fill in the gaps in your family tree.


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    by Deloris Anderson on, July 14, 2010 2:04 PM

    Hi Thank you for all the thousands of our ancestors whose names are available for everyone to check out , i am most grateful.
    Deloris Anderson Cape Sable.

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    by Lauren Oostveen on, July 14, 2010 3:11 PM

    You're welcome, Deloris! Thanks for commenting :)